Saturday, December 04, 2004
December 4th, 2004 =-= HN News

***UPDATE November 29th, 2006***  Be on the look out for WARMTHIST 2006


         The Hideout Network staff members and many other BlogDrive members have started celebrating a new holiday for the month of December.  The Holiday celebrated is called Warmthist.  As we all know, it gets cold in the United States in December.  It also get's cold or already cold in many other areas of the world.  Sensibly, anyone that want's to live needs heat during these cold times.  When many people are asked what comes to mind with the mention of Heat, these people will say 'fire.'  Skipping straight to the point, one of the easiest was to get fire is by taking gasoline and lighting it up.  Now, We at the Hideout Network do not suggest that gasoline should be used in such way.  This is strictly an online, blogger joke and holiday celebration that none of us, with the exception of a few, would actually try.  Or have tried...

         So, how is Warmthist celebrated?  Well, there are many ways to do so.  The Hideout Network will share a few.

         Take a virtual (not real) gas tank, stuff some sort of virtual cloth or virtual detonation cord in to the tank, touching the gasoline.  If using a virtual cloth, light the cloth then follow the next step.  Get yourself and everyone else as far back as virtually reasonable.  If you are not using the virtual cloth, now would be the time to light the fuse or set off the det-cord.  Watch the gas tank explode and shout "HAPPY (or MERRY) WARMTHIST!!"  Celebrate and repeat if desired.

         Another way is to just pour as much virtual gasoline in a tagboard as reasonably possible.  Light a match and drop it into the gas.  As the flames build, add more virtual gas and dance around in the flames.  For added effect,  have Disco Inferno playing in the background.

         You don't want to set the flames?  You too can still enjoy in the Warmthist spirit.  Just give out virtual gasoline tanks filled with virtual gas to people you know, and people you don't on the tagboard.  Be sure to tell them "Happy/Merry Warmthist!" when you give them the match.

         Help us spread the spirit of Warmthist by creating virtual heat or by giving the chance for those who are in need of this virtual heat to be able to create it.         

         So, Happy Warmthist.  Come see the almost daily celebrations on the Main Tagboard!

Posted at 08:41 am by The Hideout Network

December 4, 2011   10:14 PM PST
I just bought a chiminea on black Friday, but the instructions say that if I build a fire in it that comes out the top, it may crack. I've build two small fires in it and it was quite enjoyable.
J f Z
December 4, 2006   09:22 AM PST
I'm celebrating Warmthist Thursday night when NASA launches the shuttle. We should be able to see their big Warmthist flame illuminating the night sky for some time.
December 4, 2006   12:28 AM PST
Happy Warmthist '06.

*Lights a match and flees*
Dark Angel
December 4, 2005   03:43 AM PST
*Covers blog in gasoline and lights up a match* MERRY WARMTHIST ANTHONY! *throws match and runs*
December 6, 2004   05:25 AM PST
*lights petrol cans and runs* Happy warmthist!

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