Wednesday, April 15, 2009
We didn't start the flame war

     Alright.  So I'm going to blog about something.  I'm going to do that thing where I say I'm going to blog more often, but only blog a few times.

     First off, Hilarious.  You don't know this, but I love song parodies.  I love them even more when they are tied in with a very nicely done video.  Even better when the video isn't something that's been clipped off existing videos.  Something like this: (NSFW) We Didn't Start the Flame War

     Internet.  Since the beginning of April, I've discovered,, Tweetdeck, Japanese almost life-like robots, and Net Life into Job Searching.  I'm a fan of, Facebook, GMail and Yahoo Mail, Chicago Craigslist, The Secret World ARG, getting Rick Roll'd, Mousehunt on Facebook, and Webcomics.  Special mentions: THREADLESS.COM, PANDORA.COM, and IAMNOTINFECTED.COM

     Women that I may or may not be drooling over.  Samantha Krutzfeldt (Guest - Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicals)  and Felicia Day (Various web episodes)

     Men that I may or may not be drolling over.  Oh no. Oh hell no.

     Miscellaneous.  Doing a lot of job searching.  Got a lot of interviews.  I'm floored that I've been asked to come back for interviews more than four times on two different jobs.  Guess I should be happy that I'm still in the running.  I still want to do something epic collaborative on Blogdrive with the BD users.

     So if you actually decided to click on any ONE link, Click on (NSFW) We Didn't Start the Flame War.  Regardless of the longterm benefits you can get from clicking on any of the other links, I urge you to click on that one link for a good (short) time.

Addendum: Oh look, Nathan Fillion just started Twittering.

Posted at 01:16 am by The Hideout Network

May 8, 2009   02:28 PM PDT
Oooh. You mentioned Pandora here. I heart. Heart. Heart.
May 8, 2009   02:27 PM PDT
I am the digity bomb, yo.
April 15, 2009   11:39 AM PDT
I clicked the comments link...

does that count?
April 15, 2009   01:27 AM PDT
1st post! wooooo!

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