Entry: Child's Play Charity 2009 Friday, November 13, 2009

     It's that time of year again! Penny Arcade, as of last week, has started up this year's donation drive, Child's Play Charity.

     The Penny Arcade web comic creators started Child's Play Charity in 2003 as a gamer community effort to make Christmas a little better for children in a local Seattle children's hospital. From 2003 to 2007, over five million dollars in items and cash was donated to this charity and the number of receiving hospitals grew from one local children's hospital to over 60 hospitals. 2008 showed an impressive increase of over three million dollars donated to over 80 children's hospitals worldwide. This year has already started off phenomenally. Over $455,000 has already been donated since November 2nd!

     In completely unrelated news... Its getting cold outside again. I keep hearing a certain 70's song playing in my head. I feel the urge to play with fire... It almost time to start warming up the season.


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