Entry: 10 years and 3 months later. Monday, December 01, 2014

Welcome back to another edition of ChatConfess! er... I mean BlogDrive Life! no no... Screaming Comic! not that either... Mobile Journal Project! hrm. did that even ever get off the ground?.... I Can't Draw Comics! while that's true, that's not it... Ah!

Welcome back to the Hideout Network.

For those of you who have been so lucky as to never have stepped foot in here, I welcome you! Also, take this survival package. Use it correctly and you can make it out of here... alive.

A LOT has happened since my oldest existing post on this blog. Even more has happened since the oldest archived page of Hideout Network on archive.org. None of which I'll probably share with you, the reader. That would just be dull and no one reads that stuff. In fact, no one reads anymore! It's all streaming videos now! Woo!!! In fact, my career on Youtube has been soooo overwhelming and I've made soooo much money that I've been able to own my own airplane for the past three years! Can't go anywhere cause I can't afford the gas... or the pilot... much less a mechanic... and that it's a model plane that 1:32 scale that doesn't actually have any parts that will allow it to flight under its own power.

Back on point: It's been over 10 years since this was started and about another 5 since anything of substance has been posted. The "early" group of Blogdrivers that I hung out with have moved on either to other blogging forms/media or early blogger retirement. Even though I type that, there are a few that are still around and have blogged in this year! There are those who are not with us anymore and whose writing contributions still remain here as well as on more "modern" media. Their words, like ours, are everlasting as long as there are archives, but we will no longer get the chance to read or even hear more of what they would have shared.

Very much like you, reader, I have urges to create things. Ideas to share. Words to spread. Like you, hopefully, I have started way too many things than I have actually followed through with. I did it all in an attempt for attention. Just to create something other Blogdrivers and passerby's would enjoy. If the person enjoyed what I created, my ego would be fed. My most successful 'creation' was the fictional holiday of Warmthist. It wasn't widely viewed or even very popular, but it did amaze me that years after introducing it, fellow Blogdrivers would wish me a Happy Warmthist (along with the traditional gifting of some sort of fiery event) long after I forgot about it. Even in my own Youtube creations, I try invite people to contribute. I, by myself, just don't continue to create content that I feel, and see through stats, is entertaining. When I do work with others to create something, it warrants a few more creations of the same type. Of course, it comes back to effort. I always ask/invite others to throw their ideas in the pot, but I tend to lack on stuff after the initial idea.

Then there is the other part where I try to do something on my own that's too much for one person to do in a reasonable amount of time. For example, I'm currently building a space station cylinder that rotates, "creating gravity", in a game called Space Engineers. As far as I have found, no one has done one of this type. I would not be surprised if there is one out there that just hasn't been uploaded or has been buried. It could also be coming out soon. Who knows until something appears. It will take time to build. Especially if you're not using Creative mode to do it.

Even having typed all that, I'm still going to keep doing what I'm doing. Why? Because I like it. Don't get me wrong, I'd love for people to enjoy it, but it's more important that I like it first. You should as well. Create something cause you want to and you like it. Then share it. There is someone out there that will like it. Whether or not they find it.... well... that's a different issue.

So, here's to over 10 years of the Hideout Network on Blogdrive. Here's to everyone I've come across during that time. Here's to everything I've read here regardless of my liking for it or not.

Also, it is December. HAPPY WARMTHIST!!!!!!!!!!

More Info About The Warmthist Holiday ---> CLICKY HERE

*cough stroke my ego and do a google search for "Warmthist" cough*


April 11, 2016   12:37 AM PDT
Cant believe its been 10 years.
December 5, 2014   02:51 PM PST
Well, I'll be...

there you go.


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