radical_dawg » I just got a chiminea but the instructions say if I build a fire in it so big that the flames come out the top then it might crack. I have already built two small fires in it and it was enjoyable.
ilovegeeks » saw your name from the blogdrive tagboard. just dropping by!
Ang » And the dirty Sushi place now has shirts with menu items on them. Different one on the front and back to spell out dirty sentences. Use your imagination.
Ang » Actually, the I Did Your Girlfriend is one of the best things on the menu. And they're not waiters. They are waitresses. Hot, Asian waitresses.
Deirdre » Well, what do you know... you still visit me from time to time! : )
LivingStatue » And wrong link...sorry
LivingStatue » Antony, just read your post and the like to 'flame wars' video. Very funny XD
Anthony » Wooooooooooooo! Things are going Ok. They just might be getting better now that I got people interested in hiring me!
ChristinaL » Hey! Stopping by~ long time no hear! I hope things are well. I'm going to go eat now... because your page is delicious and making me hungry!
Andy » You are pretty sharp my son, finding me on Twitter only 48 hours after I joined. It took me about a day to figre out who you are.
Kater » Interesting....
Deirdre » Water you doing?
KuDin » this is one cool blog..
Ang » Muffins!
Deirdre » Punk!
Ang » Meow. Mew mrrow mew maow maow.
Daveman » Well - I said "Poe" which in the southern vernacular comes out the same as Pole or Poll. If you is articulate on Southern Engish, that is.
Anthony » Too late.
Deirdre » I said "poll" not "pole". Don't get overly excited.
ChristinaL » Hi ant, I am waiting patiently for updates
Ang » You found my lawn!
J f Z » I have poll envy now.
ChristinaL » Happy Friday!!
Anthony » i know you do
Deirdre » I love your poll.
Anthony » I'm sorry, dAVe. I cannot do that.
dAVe » It's been awhile.. what kept you busy?hehehe
Kaisa » Wow, an update
Anthony » oh no, she was there.
Deirdre » Your MOM missed out.
Anthony » Watch out for the hole
Coffee Break aka viv » just dropping by...
J f Z » I made my first crockpot meal yesterday. I never knew lazy could be so good.
Anthony » You just missed the naked women.
Jeremiadist » Happy Birthday! And YES! I didn;t get you anything. However, you're a cool guy, so be happy.
Jeremiadist » I was promised naked women. Deliver.
Anthony » HI
ruby » hi
J f Z » (and there was much rejoicing)
J f Z » Mr. Ant is the featured profile!
ChristinaL » i love the header!!!
Anthony » It lives
Petra Jane » Happy New Year to you too Ant! All the best for 2008 Beta.
Ang » So you sent me a contact form with no link. What's up with that, yo?
Ang » I now have an official agenda. It's totally your fault.
Deirdre » *hug*
Ang » Oh noes.....a double post. *epic facepalm*
Ang » Aside from a list of things to do, I fail at organization. As a result, look for nothing to get accomplished.
Ang » Aside from a list of things to do, I fail at organization. As a result, look for nothing to get accomplished.
pendoodles » Happy New Year backies! LOL
jude » HAPPY NEW YEAR, you!
radical_dawg » Happy New Year!!
Deirdre » Happy new year.
Parisian15 » Happy New Year, Anthony! My best wishes, sir.
Sinja » Happy New Year, Anthony! Hope it's a great one!
Anthony » Happy New Year!!
Ang » meow meow meow =^^=
Ang » Meow
pendoodles » Merry Christmas Morning May All Your Blessings Be Brite
beej » booga!
Deirdre » Hi there. : )
Halcyon » <splashes petroleum around, drops lit match, runs>
Anthony » done and working on it.
Xeideus » I have to thank you, though. Your comment gave me the incentive to finally finish it. So, yeah...feel free to re-read and write a new one since I deleted the other post which included what you wrote.
Xeideus » The last entry of mine that you commented on was meant to be a draft. I've been adding to it for a few weeks. Accidentally posted it instead, this time. Whoops.
Deirdre » Long time since you've Mom joked me. Sup Cracka Jack?
Xeideus » The Zune is definitely worth it. I'd get into why, but I wouldn't be able to squeeze it in.
Anthony » She speaks the truth
Deirdre » I asked my question before you went all green and funky, for the record.
Anthony » Don't mind the colors. THEY are your friends and masters.
Anthony » ???
Deirdre » Hmmm... what in the world?
Deirdre » Sup Cracker Jack?
Deirdre » Hi. : )
jude » ps ...if you'd like to know where to download the entire planescape: torment soundtrack (free), click name. they also give you print files for cd covers. nice...
jude » hey ant'ny...i just added a couple of music files from silent hill to the playlist. also a bunch from the golden oldie, planescape: torment. enjoy!
Anthony » {Deirdre}I doos fine. {Deirdre} I am not..... {Psychobin}It never hurts when I pee. Except for that one time I got kicked between the balls when I was peeing. {Deirdre}It rawks hard!! thanks!!!!
Anthony » {Kai}Sorry, the yellow brick road leads to the poppyseed farm. {Deirdre} HIHIHI {HotRod}thanks, that's actually a quote from Persona 3 & those three quotes are suggested Translations for Memento Mori
Anthony » oh man.. here's the on site catchup:
Deirdre » Aww. Yay! Yay! TIMBALAND!
psychobin » i thought it hurts when you pee..haha..sorry my bad.
Deirdre » Geeze, you're so neglectful!
Deirdre » Hiya Anthony. How is YOU doin? Huh Huh Huh?
HotRod » Wow I like that quote from Mori! Scary yet true
Deirdre » Hi An-tony!
kai - `ee. » I demand my free cookies! -follows the arrowww- I mean... uhh.. The yellow brick road! .
Anthony » oh, and the cookies are over here today --^
Anthony » Thanks for popping by, when I get the chance, I'll actually say that to all the blogs of my visitors.
Deirdre » I don't want your cookies. I brought my own.
J f Z » Murble.
herbert » droppin' by to say "hi"
kai - `ee. » And with the flick of a magic wand~
cross » this is where all the magic happens!
kai - `ee. » Is THIS the Hideout Tagboard? Wowzers :B
Anthony » There being --->
Anthony » The Cookies are over there....
Deirdre » No, you're always confusing.
Anthony » I'm always waiting....